Short video on the book

An inspiring story of a woman's

path for self-healing and empowerment.

It depicts her determination to release the limiting stories that

held her hostage ever since she was a child.

You will be riveted by the whirlwinds of trials and tribulations she had to wrestled with, as she go half across the world on her own to \

reclaim her own soul.

Experience her moments of terror as she desperately circumvent one crisis after another.

Indulge in her waves of joy as she unpeels layer after layer of

her shame, her pain and her inauthenticity.

Join her in her triumph

from Zero to Shakti

as she blaze her way through rebirth and redemption, in a

final consummation of a firewalk in the desert.

Review on Amazon –

‘The author is very brave, disclosing her personal challenges and the solutions she created. I admire her unselfish sharing, and her courage in undertaking her personal quest.
She traveled a long distance to a special place, and even braved a fire walk–something difficult to imagine. She tells her story in an absorbing way. This book is charming.’

– Shearon B (Australia)



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